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Giants Daughter Scarlet

The giant had been slain years before and his daughter, the heir of his estates has finally decided to move back in. She is going to take control by turfing out all the old fusty decorations and throw them off cloud castle ramparts.

A story for yr 2 pupils and up, with possibilities to create new riddles for the artefacts in your gallery and write new chapters inside the tale.
Make your way to the Making Somerset Gallery and then stand beneath the cauldrons. Your key word is the first word written on the large information panel.
Chapter one

The Giants Daughter

The Giants daughter hated the castle she had inherited after her father fell off the beanstalk. He was a cruel man who took pleasure in singing the old family song

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread

And bread he baked, but more than this he also baked cakes and pastries of all shapes and sizes which she still missed. He was famous across the sky for his Belgian buns ( made with real Belgians of course) and French stick loaves ( made with French cyclists legs) and Cornish pasties ( made with Cornish miners)

But to be honest she was pleased to have the castle to herself, it was time she made some changes and over the next few days she decided to clear the castle of all the old junk which her father had hoarded.
Chapter two

So she ordered

So she ordered the servants to clear out the west wing and haul all the furniture and decorations outside and place them on the castle drive. She looked at it all, swords, shields, tapestries, paintings and without a twinge of regret nodded to the servant to begin.

Then the giants daughter got to work revamping the west wing, she plastered and painted throughout, all white and bright, none of the old dark fusty colours. The halls became sleek and modern, open plan with sparse pieces of black leather furniture interspersed with coffee tables and angle poised lamps. Magazines of stylish interiors were neatly piled everywhere and centrally in the room stood a very large curved TV.

She sat down in one of her new chrome edged recliners with a view across a gently rolling cloudscape, from here she could clearly see the servants struggling with the furniture as they took piece after piece to the edge then pushed it off to litter the land below.
B - White tall beautiful and majestic, with not a jot of paste or plastic. Carved from a single slab of stone, I stand quite still both proud and alone. Hunt me out in this hall and answer the question to reveal all. What am I ? (one word with six letters)
Chapter three


D - Picture of light, lead framed delight, sweat wrapper bright, churches bathe in coloured sunlight. Hunt me out in this hall and answer the question to reveal all. What am I made of ? (one word with five letters)
Chapter four

Stained Glass

C - Room upon room upon room upon room. They hoist up a bell to ring out and boom, though I am but a model made of leather, but my twin stands the tallest In all of Taunton's weather. Hunt me out in this hall and answer the question to reveal all. What am I? (one word with five letter
Chapter five

Church tower

E - I am not the spoon the knife nor fork. I am not the cake, the pie nor pork. I am not the rack to drip me dry, I am not the shelf for that's where I lie. The round is my shape and you can rat off this ....... What am I (one word with five letters)
Chapter six


F - Could it be a lion, mouse or dog It's not a bird, snake, pig or frog. Not a pigeon nor monkey nor rabbit nor rat. No, I think it's a cat on my battle ready hat. What am I made of? (one word with five letters)
Chapter seven


G - All heads and tails, with tiny picture portrait details, swap 'em trade 'em guaranteed by the king, but the value of these is the important thing. Hunt me out in this hall and answer the question to reveal all. What am I ? (one word with five letters)
Chapter eight


End - Go back to beneath the cauldrons cauldrons and type the word Lamprey below.
Chapter nine

The End

The giants daughter was enjoying her minimalist decor of the west wing as her servant brought dinner of beans on toast.

She took one bite and the dry white processed toast made her pine for her fathers old mill to run again; the mill which ground the flour and made incredible breads, pastries and pies for all the sky castles for as far as the eye could see. Oh what she would do for a Welsh cake right now (made with real Welsh choral singers of course!)

But at that very moment a grounds man servant was lifting a massive family crest painted on a shield to throw off the ramparts. Through the window she glimpsed the motif of mill wheel and Fee! Fie! Fo! Fum! written in a banner across the top.

No, not that she thought beginning to regret all those old artefacts which she had ordered to be thrown off. Running through the castle she caught the servant just in time as the shield teetered on the edge.

'Stop!' She shouted and it was saved in the nick of time.

Now, where are the keys to the mill house, I've had enough of cheap breads made with grain, it's time we renewed our family history and got back into grinding and baking!

But for the mill wheel to turn again, she would have to find some human bones to grind, so she commanded the castle navigator to take them down. As cloud castle descended it became foggy on the ground below. So thick was the fog the castle created people used to call it a pea-souper!

'Navigator, where are we?' She asked. 'Yorkshire I believe, my lady' came the reply. 'Great we'll have to bake some proper Yorkshire puddings, with extra gravy too.'

So she sang, in her lady giants voice ready for the mill wheel turn once more.

Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum!
I smell the blood of an English man
Be he alive or be he dead
I'll grind his bones to make my bread
Chapter ten

Further thoughts

Which was your favourite clue? Which was really hard and could have been done better?

So what will happens next in the story as Cloud Castle has just landed in Yorkshire?

From the gallery, which artefact would you choose to be thrown off Cloud Castle?
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